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R. Khaef-

Meet Santa Ana's Favorite Dental Team

Our aim is to ensure quality care in a pleasant, soothing manner. We strive to keep a smile on your face before and after your personal experience.

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Doctor Khaef


What sets Dr. Khaef apart from other Dentists is his compassionate and caring chairside manner. Dr. Khaef completed his formal training to become a Dentist in 2005 from Nova South Eastern University. He is dual licensed with both the Florida and California state boards. He is Implant certified from Innova, LANAP certified from the academy of advanced laser dentistry, Alloderm trained, and Clear Aligner certified from both Invisalign and Clear correct. After university he served as regional periodontal director for over 50 dental offices throughout California where he perfected his skills in Laser Gum Surgery (LANAP), Implant Dentistry, Gingival Grafting procedures, General Occlusion problems, and Clear Orthodontic Aligners in the treatment of malocclusion. Dr. Khaef practices dentistry with his partner Dr. Ash. They have been dental partners in the dental practice for over a decade. Dr. Khaef and Dr. Ash have also been friends for over 20 years before their careers. Because of their combined varied skill sets, our patients get two experts in their fields always ready for consultations for giving our patients the best treatment possible.

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Doctor Steven Vu


Meet Dr. Steven Vu, a dental virtuoso with a passion for crafting radiant smiles. Hailing from a family of dental experts, including his uncle and brothers, Dr. Vu brings inherited excellence to his practice. Specializing in cosmetic dentistry, root canals, and Invisalign, he combines precision with care to create artistic smile transformations. Beyond the clinic, Dr. Vu is a fitness enthusiast, finding balance and dedication in the gym. A greyhound dog completes his life outside dentistry, reflecting his compassionate nature. Join Dr. Steven Vu on a journey where family tradition, professional mastery, and a love for well-being converge.

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Doctor Nguyen


Dr. Nguyen graduated University California Irvine with a Bachelor of Science degree before pursuing her passion in Dentistry. After UCI she attended Midwestern College of Dental Medicine and received a doctorate in Dentistry. During her studies she really was in love with restorative procedures such as Root Canals, Veneers, and Clear Aligners. Her chairside manner makes her patients very comfortable. Her patients enjoy her friendly personality and appreciate the gentle but detailed care she provides. She has experience with many state-of-the art dental technologies including Invisalign, Cerec machine, Lumineers, CT scan, diode laser, Arestin, Itero, and more. Her goal is to provide a positive dental experience for every patient that sits in the chair and to emphasize the importance of oral hygiene and preventive care. You will find that her passion for dentistry and friendly personality will make her one of your favorite Dentists! Thank you for taking the time to read this. She would love to have the opportunity to meet you and give you care that exceeds your expectations. She also is a proud mother to a new baby!

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Dom Boudreaux

Accounts Manager

Dom has been caring for patients for 10 years now. Her favorite part of being on the dental team is making sure our patients feel at home. We treat everyone like family here, and Dom can't wait to meet you. Before Dentistry she was a manager at the body shop, and she started her career in dentistry with an interview with Dr. Khaef over 10 years ago. She still recalls that the first thing he told her on her training day was to remember that our patients come first. She immediately understood our team's aims, and has been championing our core values throughout the office every day. We have been striving to be the best dental office in the state for the past decade, and we hope to have the privilege of meeting you soon.

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Donovan Rodriguez

Lead Dental Assistant

Our patients have voted and Donavan has the best attitude on the planet! He's been dental assisting for almost a decade and it shows with his great personality and gentle attitude. You will have a tough time not smiling and being happy if he is your assistant. Besides his wonderful attitude he prides himself on delivering great customer service. Donavan's clinical skills include taking perfect digital x-rays efficiently, and assisting surgical and complex procedures like veneers and root canals. He is waiting to welcome you to our office.

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Becky Martinez

Clear Aligner Specialist

Becky has been with our team for almost 4 years now. She is dependable, kind, and a real team player. Over the past 4 years Becky has made so many great relationships with our patients. At our office we don't treat chart numbers. We treat friends and family members. Becky has taken the lead on becoming our office's technology master. She is an expert on ITERO 3d scanning for clear aligners. Her skills also include 3d printing of dental models and she has really helped our practice become one of the most advanced dental practices in Orange County, California. Weather it's Invisalign, Orthable, Veneers, or great customer service, Becky is there to help you.

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Joel Galindo

Treatment Coordinator

Joel has been caring for patients for 5 years now. He feels very lucky to be a part of this awesome dental team. He's the treatment coordinator and his job is to make sure our patients understand why the treatment is needed and how to make it as affordable as possible for them. Primarily he tries to make sure our patients feel at home. We treat everyone like family here, and he can't wait to meet you. Joel started his career in dentistry with an interview with Dr. Khaef and originally started as a chairside dental assistant. He has reminded us all from the first day to remember that our patients come first. After chairside assisting, he was promoted to become treatment coordinator. Joel has a wonderful wife of 7 years and a great son who he adores with every bit of his soul. We hope to have the privilege of meeting you and your family soon.

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